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A few weeks ago Ryan and I went to Sanger, CA to see some of my family and I of course thought this was the perfect time to spend hours and hours going over old pictures with my grandma and dad. I’ll get them all loaded up soon but I wanted to summarize my discoveries. First, I have to share a picture of my Grandma Betty because she looks great at every age, but I like the crazy hair in this one:

Seriously. The best hair.



Mary Walker. Betty’s mom!

I’ll need to add this to the list of categories. This is my grandma’s mother’s maiden name and I do believe there are photos to be had in that category. AND something about a violent family feud that could get interesting to research.


This book of tintypes makes my day each time I look at the images. This was passed down from Elsie Fry to Grandma Betty and nobody seems to know the names of the people inside.

Most of the images are like this. No names but some pretty fancy clothes. Are you a Fry or a Miller or what?

Oh the Frys, so many of them! One of the best parts about this trip was seeing the home videos of my grandparents’ trip to Ava Missouri, formerly “Frytown”. They met some relatives, toured the town, church, old homesteads, etc., and shared stories. I can’t view the videos on my Mac so at some point I’ll commandeer a PC long enough to get them in a format every computer can open (or on the web, let’s try that too!). I will make a script of sorts when I get to hear the entirety as well.


Dad and I were not able to get far on the Native American roots that continually side-step me. Apparently nobody in Missouri wanted to talk about it when grandma asked, saying “what’s passed is past.” But I got another name to add to our categories that may go in this direction. Loder is the name. And of course they also are married into a family of Millers (which was a name I suspected for a long time, but it is a different family of Millers). So that would be a second set of Millers that relates to the Frys, making the tintypes particularly ambiguous, since the only name mentioned in all the images is Jonas Miller.

By the way all census data so far says “white”, so the devil’s child in me says just chalk up the native rumor to a love triangle, a death and remarriage, an adoption, or crime, or something that everyone wants to forget. Or maybe some people just tan really red. But of course there are numerous reasons to lie on a census, especially in 1820’s-1840’s from those parts of the South when the removal act was in full swing. Plus, those other options do sound a little enticing. So I guess I’ll keep on looking. It should be easier to find something in the new location though, since there doesn’t appear to be many fires wiping out records (yet), hehe.


How do I keep the Miller families separate? How does one have the same generation of grandmas with the same first and last name (both are maiden names)? Well it happened. They don’t appear to be cousins or something silly like that, but somehow their kids ended up in Missouri and there you go, a couple of Frys.

The only photo in the tintype album with a name!

Sarah Miller. Possibly one of the most common names, right?


I have soooo many photos to go through. They moved from one state to another and took photos along the way.

Pictures like this one! No, they aren’t Indians, but they have a really cool tent.

Lela Tipton had some really interesting postcards in a fancy album. These must be WWI era.

Aunt Marla was good to let us see the “Tipton Book”. I must say, the man who wrote that book did so much research and investigation that I couldn’t possibly even begin to touch that family history on my own. He even went across the ocean to meet distant relatives and detailed the experience in the book. So, I’ll have to step aside for some of that and just refer people to the book or excerpts from the book (but more pictures to come):

We Tiptons and our kin (850-1975)
Ervin Charles Tipton

Also, did you know there is a Tipton Family Association of America? They have a few photos available and also a newsletter etc. etc. I browsed through it and saw a bunch of posts about genealogy, grave sites, images, places, and more. I don’t know how active they are in maintaining it but it’s kinda cool.

Tipton Family Association of America

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