Loder Vancycle (again)

I admit I’m a sucker for a challenge. But also that I need help sometimes. When I couldn’t find any info on Isaac Loder and Sylvester Loder’s mother, Elizabeth Vancycle, I finally exhausted myself and asked for help. Yes, I asked for help, lol. I reached out to the folks at The Vansickle Family Tree Facebook page. The researcher there gave me some more ideas, aside from lamenting that the woman seems to appear and disappear out of nowhere and has not been heard of by said researcher. Not a great start, but he or she was still very excited.

The first idea was that Isaac Sr. didn’t die in the civil war. He had a wife and kids in Pennsylvania, kids in Kansas, and another wife and kids in Kansas, more kids… He really got around I guess.

The second idea was that Vancycle may not have died but remarried to a Vancyle, which would be one reason why we can’t find her. Often times a new husband didn’t want the kids that came with his new wife.

3rd idea: The families with which the Loder boys resided in 1870 may be relatives and are probably at least related to eachother. Isaac Jr. was with the Catletts. Hester Catlett’s maiden name is Potts. Sylvester is staying with the Potts family. Both are in Missouri in the same county. Both Potts are from Ohio. Vancycle is from Ohio. Perhaps they could be family or friends. In addition, in 1870 there is another Potts family residing in Ohio with a six year old boy names James Loder. My thoughts so far are that Isaac Sr. Likes to pawn his kids off on this family or friend’s family, that Vancycle (if alive) did the same, that if Vancycle did die the Potts family were close to them and may have taken the children.

Isaac Jr. married a Miller, his father’s first wife was a Miller…many more Millers involved, like 3 sets at least. I could explore this too.

4th idea. Vancycle is the family name of a slave owner or adoptive parents.

Some tidbits the researcher found were that Isaac Sr. was fined a dollar and jailed for selling liquor to “Indians”, was found in the household of one of his possible clients with a child not found in other censuses (with his actual family), and is spotted in a bunch of newspaper clippings in Kansas. He really did get around! There is an association I’d like to join to view these.

In other news it’s possible that Mammie Loder, that would be Betty’s great aunt (or great great?), married into the Ford family which has a long line of Cherokee and Apache. We could just chalk it all up to Native by association…right? I have to investigate this further when I get back into it.

So that is where I left it months ago when life got in the way, except for that last paragraph. I have too many hobbies and am focusing on the less costly one right now.

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