At Last! In Full: Journal of a Voyage from Providence to Mobile 1836

Some notes: Many of the places on this voyage can be found by typing in their name to this website and then confirming approximate Latitude and Longitude when hovering over the place with your mouse: If I encountered a word that I just couldn’t recognize as a word, or if its spelling or meaning was questionable (due to Hersey’s handwriting being about as bad as my own), I put [brackets] around it. Longitude and Latitude: I admit I’m not great at reading abbreviations of those two but was able to plug in the coordinates, at any rate. I haven’t been able to use a symbol for degrees when typing, so use your imagination. For definitions of sails, ships, parts of ships, and actions taken on ships please look to the glossary at the end of this post. Anything I missed, sorry! Other definitions of words I didn’t know or thought somebody else might not know are at the end of each day’s entry. To download the handwritten journal, go here: Journal of a Voyage from Providence Rhode Island Toward Mobile Alabama In Ship Elisa and Abby, Capt. [Palmer] [??] By David Hersey Friday November 18th, 1836

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