Update: Journal of a voyage from Providence to Mobile 1836

I confess I am having the hardest time reading this document. That might speak as to my generation but I’m not giving up! If you would like to assist in translating English to English (bad joke!) go ahead and give it a whirl.

I did read ahead though, and saw a lovely paragraph about savages and islands and shipwrecks. Mostly really just that, because those are words I can read ;).  Hopefully the journal in its entirety is as interesting as those three words are to me!

My next post on this subject will be about what was going on in 1836 as David was leaving Rhode Island and arriving in Alabama—mostly to stall for time while I continue figuring this out.

Please see link to the PDF below for the full document. I can provide better quality images (600 dpi) per request as they are quite large but more clear.

Journal of a voyage from Providence to Mobile 1836

By David Hersey

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